Esra Bilgic ‘Ertugrul’ star wants to visit Pakistan

It’s not the first run through Esra Bilgic. Who plays Halima Sultan in Ertugrul. She won the heart and brains of Pakistani fans subsequent to airing the prominent Turkish arrangement “Restoration Ertugrul” on Pakistani state TV (PTV). However, she had triumphed our hearts in 2018 too. When Esra Bilgic lashed out the celebrated Indian on-screen character, Priyanka Chopra. For war mongering tweets after Indian Air Force assault on Pakistan in 2018.

The Turkish arrangement “Dirilis: Ertugrul” or “Revival Ertugrul” has break records of ubiquity all through the Muslim world. The arrangement is otherwise called the Muslim “Round of Thrones”. Notwithstanding, “Restoration Ertugrul” is an undeniably more prevalent substance than “Round of Thrones”. There is no typification of ladies in the arrangement like Esra Bilgic. Each discourse of the arrangement is philosophical and has profound importance. Muslims and the magnificent Muslim history are not displayed contrarily in the arrangement. As we have seen an exceptionally negative picture of Muslims and Islam in practically all western substance.

In Pakistan

A few Pakistani papers made an object of out hardly any remarks of Pakistani men over Esra’s appearance on Instagram. These papers will just pick those 10 or 20 negative remarks and will attempt to sabotage the entire exertion. However, they will never print or communicate the conclusions of a huge number of Pakistanis fans. That is brightening up for Esra Bilgic.Her dazzling presentation in the arrangement. There is a little slanted twitter gathering of Pakistani scholastics, journos. Thus considered nonconformists that questioned permitting “Dirilis: Ertugrul” to air in Pakistan by contending. We ought to advance our own way of life rather than carrying Turkish or Arabic culture into the nation. Notwithstanding, “Dirilis: Ertugrul” isn’t the principal Turkish arrangement that has been broadcast in Pakistan.

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