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Now 56 countries with infections of Coronavirus, cases spread outside China !

The disease begins spreading more faster across the globe !

A cluster of the respiratory illness, that originating in the Chinese province of Hubei in the December, has got the health officials on high alert across the world.

In the January, the real causative agent of this disease was found to be a novel coronavirus, dubbed SARS-CoV-2.

It has now affected more than 84,000 people around the world and claimed over 2,800 lives, with signs of a slowdown inside the China, but the outbreaks of the disease taking hold in Italy, South Korea and Japan.

The spate of illness first reported to World Health Organization on the New Year’s Eve and in following weeks was linked to a family of viruses known as the coronaviruses, the same family also responsible for diseases SARS and MERS, as well as some of the cases of the common cold.

A special WHO committee declares a public health emergency on the Jan. 30. On Feb. 11, WHO and the other organizations also agreed to named the new illness COVID-19 (for “coronavirus disease 2019”). As of Feb. 28, WHO has raised its global risk assessment for the coronavirus to the “very high.”

The number of the cases and also the deaths seems to be slowing down in the mainland China, with only 439 new cases and 29 reported deaths news coming on Feb. 27. However, the spread of this virus appears to be gaining momentum outside China. At least 56 countries have now  confirmed infections. Cases in the Italy jumped over 800 on Feb. 28, while the South Korea is now reporting over 2,300 infections.

On Feb. 26, The Washington Post reported the first USA case of the unknown origin in the Northern California. The infected individual did not even return from a foreign country and also did not have the contact with a confirmed case. According to the Post, officials are currently tracing the contacts of resident to find out about actual potential routes of that infection. The CDC later also confirmed that the infection in a statement. Another case of the unknown origin was reported inside California on Feb. 28.

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